I have a studio just south of Nashville in Franklin, TN.  This has allowed me to make records with cool bands, work on projects with friends, and record drum tracks remotely.  If there’s a project you need help with feel free to get in touch!

Here’s my info on remote drum tracking.

$100 per song + $25 per re-cut.

I can take payment by check, money order or Paypal. I require a 50% deposit to begin work and the balance is due upon approval of the final tracks.

To save time and avoid re-cut fees make sure to give me as much info as possible about the type of drum track you’re interested in.  Name the feel (swing, train, 4-on-the-floor, shuffle, etc) or a reference song with a similar drum part.  Feel free to check out this video from from my old website from 2011 (Roots Drum Tracks) demonstrating my recording process.

Once I have a good understanding of your song and the style of drumming you would like, I will cut the track and send you an MP3 of my performance. You can then either approve it or request  a re-cut.

Upon receipt of final payment I will send you the tracks online and mail you a copy on disc.

The typical turn around time for a single drum track is 72 hours. Keep in mind I am touring year round so depending on my schedule it may be a couple of weeks before I can get started. Once you contact me by email I can give you a more precise time frame.

If you are interested in having other instruments recorded, I’d be happy to line that up.  All of the pros I regularly work with love recording.  Rates by musician vary so let me know what you are looking for and I can quote you the rate.